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Bicycle Papers Folder
Part No. BPF-IMP

BPF-IMP Bicycle Inventory  BPF-IMP. Last impressions are important too. Each time you deliver a new bike to a customer, they can now leave your Company with the paperwork well organized and well presented. Everything – the owner’s manual, warranties, receipts, buyer’s agreements and store specials – can be stored in this sturdy presentation folder. But that’s not all it does.

• In-Store Filing: The top edge of the folder’s front has information about the bike that will allow you to file and store the bike before it is sold! After the bike is sold, if it remains in the store, you can then flip the folder over and file the bike’s documents by the new owner’s name.
• Customer Safety: A friendly list of safety tips for the customer to think about. Based on the text from the industry’s buyer’s agreement, it’s very readable and just good common sense. Safety is further reinforced by an Always wear your helmet! graphic.
• Customer Information: We’ve provided a place for the customer’s name and address information along with an area for Maintenance Notes. Your store could begin this comment section by writing in “Don’t forget your 30 day checkup!”
The folder features sturdy white cardstock with blue and yellow graphics. Closed the folder measures 6″ x 9 7/8″. You will also find slots for your business card on the inside face! The price includes a Company Imprint of up to five lines. Please contact us if you need more lines, have a special configuration in mind or would like to include a logo.