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Big Inventory/Invoice Sales Form
Part No. INVY811-IMP

The INVY811-IMP, less the stubs, is 8 x 8 inches. It has four full copies including hard copy. Within that territory you will find room to move. The form has 2 imprint areas, an estimate column and lots of space for descriptions and part numbers. It has a cleanly formatted Buyer’s Agreement on the back of copies 1 & 2. Check Boxes cover every aspect of the assembly and sales process. There’s even a place to show that the customer would like to be on your mailing list! The bike box stubs have a self-adhesive strip. The form will serve for both estimates and work orders. And best of all — the price! Compare with the competition! Save money and time with this carefully designed tool. The price includes a Company Imprint of up to five lines. Please contact us if you need more lines, have a special configuration in mind or would like to include a logo.