Click for PDF of Bicycle Life Cycle

Bikes arrive, are inventoried and warehoused. Bikes are assembled, checked over, priced and displayed. Bikes are sold, paperwork is disbursed and a final check is given. Bikes frequently stay in the shop after the sale because (1) accessories need to be added it, (2) it hasn’t been assembled or given a final check or (3) it is a lay-away or a special order. Finally, bikes come back for a check-up or maintenance. We have kept these steps in mind while designing the form. You should find it to be extremely versatile but uncompromising in its essential mission–to give you control over the steps listed above. Please use the following steps as a guide. Questions or comments? Call use at anytime: 800/525-TAGS.
1. CHECK actual quantity of bikes received against shipper’s Bill of Lading. Also check boxes for damage.
2. CHECK labels on bike boxes against the packing slip to confirm that the packing slip is correct.
3. CHECK packing slip against your purchase order to make sure you received what you ordered (at the price you were to pay for it, if that information is on the packing slip). TIP: As inquiries or special orders are made against incoming stock, it’s a good idea to put an asterisk or a reference to your “call when in” list. Use WB ‘s Layaway/Special order cards for this. They are perfect for keeping track of miscellaneous inquires as well as pre-sold inventory.
4. FILL-IN each form. Pull the appropriate number of Inventory Forms and fill in each one with the information on your packing slip or purchase order.
5. TAG the bike boxes. Locate each bike and attach Tag A and Tag B on the Bike Box by removing both tags (the sticker and it’s backing!) from the Main Sheet. You can then take the backing off of Tag A only and attach the A & B Tags to the box. Keep tags C & D with the Main Form and, at the time of assembly use them, respectively, to identify the Owner’s Manual and price the Item.
6. FILE the Main Form any number of ways. Usually they are filed by Make and then Model and then Size.